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We’re experts at measuring customer experience! Our unique customer surveys and mystery shopping services help our clients to improve the customer experience and their sales performance.

What we do

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With operations in over 105 countries, our 400,000 strong field force of mystery shoppers and professional auditors will provide you with the best global coverage and quality.

Global Reach


The Importance of Multi-dimensional Research

Were you satisfied with your experience in store today? Were you satisfied with your purchase? No matter how it is dressed up, this is a Yes / No question, though perhaps not in a single word. The feedback gained is either positive or negative and while it can be cross-referenced against demographics, or any other variable at hand, its use is limited by the single dimension of the response. Read More


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Join SmartWorld to expand your career and to gain experience with the global leader in improving customer experiences. You will be given an opportunity to join our multicultural team and learn in a positive & encouraging environment.

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We are a specialist market leader. Dedicated to providing strategic direction, we deliver actionable insights, not just data, to the highest ISO9001 quality standards.

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