Customer Surveys

Our new mobile customer satisfaction system – KODO – will help you to find out what your customers feel – immediately after their service experience. Our systems will help you directly access customer feedback via a smart phone or online, and we’ll then give you the means to do something about it.

  • KODO means “heartbeat” in Japanese
  • Gives you the ability to hear what your customers care about
  • Offers rewards for the feedback provided
  • Is flexible, immediate, mobile and secure
  • Can establish a relationship with the customers who want to improve the service, products and promotions in your stores

Capturing your customers' feedback right at the point of their experience, and then learning from what they are telling you, is what KODO is all about. We help our clients improve their customer satisfaction, respond immediately to alerts and significantly reduce complaints.

To find out how a SmartWorld customer survey program can provide real customer insights to your business,  contact us today.

Customer surveys