Become a Shopper

Do you want to be paid to shop and directly influence the way customer service is conducted?

Would you like to be paid to shop at globally recognised brands at times that suit you? Get rewards in exchange for a little effort with Mystery Shopping!

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a research methodology used to measure and improve the quality of the customer service experience provided by retail outlets. Mystery Shopping gives companies results on the performance of the customer-related functions of their business.

SmartWorld is a world leader in Mystery Shopping and has organised over 14 million mystery shops for some of the world's largest brands.

We recruit and train people like you to be a "Mystery Shopper". You then go to one of our clients' stores and act as a customer, making enquiries or legitimately shopping for products. You will then complete an online survey about your experience and are rewarded by SmartWorld with cash payments, purchase discounts, and/or reimbursements.

Why should I be a Mystery Shopper?

Many secret shoppers join up because they like shopping, others because they want to contribute to the ongoing improvement of service. Some simply enjoy the flexibility SmartWorld provides.

You can work when and where you want, as much or as little as you like.

Where can I do Mystery Shopping?

SmartWorld Mystery Shopping services are operating in over 100 countries worldwide, and will likely be operating in your local area. We represent a range of industries and can provide you with a variety of Mystery Shopping assignments. Our growing client list will ensure a versatile assignment base for you to choose from.

Can anyone be a Mystery Shopper?

SmartWorld Mystery Shopping is perfect for a range of people. The flexibility of Mystery Shopping means a job can be scheduled for a lunch break, between classes, at night, in the morning, on the weekend or between errands.

What is an Audit?

Retail audit services are fundamentally different to regular 'mystery shopping' programs, in that retail auditors announce their arrival and work with site representatives to test, measure and record compliance to company procedures and processes. While mystery shopping has a primary focus on measuring service levels, retail audits focus on measuring safety, branding and procedural compliance.

Audits are designed to capture specific information accurately, so your results must be precise and correct. An auditor must make their assessment without emotion or bias by simply recording their observations.

How do I become an Auditor?

Retail auditors are professional and observant, able to work autonomously and with initiative to ensure that the audit process is carried out fairly, thoroughly and efficiently. SmartWorld auditors are selected only from the best of our mystery shoppers to complete audits for our clients. Auditors undergo training, assessment and certification. Use your time as a Mystery Shopper gaining the relevant experience and honing your expertise. After this time, you may be considered for one of our Auditor roles.

Why SmartWorld?

With so many Mystery Shopping companies to choose from, what sets SmartWorld apart from the rest? Well, we:

  • Are a global company
  • Are reliable
  • Pay you monthly
  • Have over 18 years of experience

What should I avoid when choosing a Mystery Shopping Company?

Unfortunately, not all companies are as reputable as SmartWorld. There are fraudulent companies posing as legitimate businesses offering lucrative Mystery Shopping jobs.

Here are some key tell-tale signs to help identify fraudulent companies:

  • If they ask you to pay upfront fees to register
  • If they claim that you will make massive profits
  • If they "guarantee" Mystery Shopping jobs

How do I become a Mystery Shopper?

The registration process takes only a few minutes. You can apply via our website by selecting Become a Mystery Shopper.

Or, if you would like further information before signing up, please contact us.

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